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Congress to weigh permanent protections for US grizzly bears

Lawmakers in Congress are scheduled to take up legislation protecting grizzly bears against future hunting as federal and state officials appeal a court ruling that blocked planned hunts in Wyoming and Idaho.

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Changing water flow leads to more bugs in Grand Canyon

Ted Kennedy sums up what he sees along the river in the Grand Canyon: "It's buggy out there."

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Park Service approves plan for new Transcanyon Water Pipeline

As park visitation continues to climb, Grand Canyon National Park has finalized a plan to provide water reliably to the South Rim and several locations below the rim.

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Montana residents say legal bison hunts near Yellowstone unsafe

The scavenger-cleaned bison carcass scattered across the grassland provided the perfect punctuation point for Nathan Varley.

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Shifting science: Looking at Grand Canyon's next 100 years

Science panelists discuss where Grand Canyon research has been — and where it's going

Standing at a point along the rim and gazing out into the Grand Canyon, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that the Canyon is more than a beautiful piece of scenery.

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Endangered wolf pups born in captivity join wild dens

Missouri wildlife officials have placed six Mexican wolf pups born in captivity near St. Louis with two packs in the wild, in a new effort to repopulate the critically endangered species.

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Mexican Gray wolves rebound; latest numbers cause for optimism

Mexican Gray Wolf population increases by 12 percent

Things are looking up for the endangered Mexican Gray Wolf, which suffered setbacks during the last year and the year before.

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Congo park ranger tells of taking viral selfie with gorillas

A park ranger in Congo has described how he captured a selfie with two gorillas that went viral.

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Hualapai Tribe raises fees for Colorado River rafters

Hualapai Tribal Council reinstates per-person fee for river runners

River runners embarking on trips down the Colorado River along the Grand Canyon’s western side will need to hand over more cash this year, after the Hualapai Tribal Council approved a $100-per-person fee April 10.

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California dispute threatens drought plan to protect Colorado River

A dispute between two major California water agencies is threatening to derail a hard-won agreement designed to protect a river that serves 40 million people in the U.S. West.

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Grand Canyon's annual Earth Day celebration kicks off National Park Week

Sustainability for the next 100 years

Grand Canyon National Park held it's annual Earth Day celebration April 20 at the park's Visitor Center.

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Congress approves Colorado River drought plan

A plan to address a shrinking supply of water on a river that serves 40 million people in the U.S. West is headed to President Donald Trump.

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Report: Mexican Gray Wolf is a subspecies, will keep endangered status

The endangered Mexican Gray Wolf is still endangered — for now.

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*Update* - UPDATE: Bald eagle pair likely won't hatch egg this year

Lone surviving egg of bald eagle pair won't hatch this year.

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Grand Canyon Railway to spray herbicide near tracks, including inside park

On April 3, Grand Canyon Railway, in consultation with the National Park Service (NPS), will be applying herbicide along the railroad tracks including those within Grand Canyon National Park.

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US official declares drought plan complete for Colorado River

Seven states that rely on a major waterway in the U.S. West have finished a years-long effort to create a plan to protect the Colorado River amid a prolonged drought, the federal government declared March 19.

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Ten X Campground expansion builds for the future

Proposed expansion to be completed in phases

Sitting back from State Route 64 just south of Tusayan, Ten X campground offers visitors eager to experience Grand Canyon National Park a placid alternative to the park’s camping accommodations.

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Cattle kills prompt removal of two Mexican gray wolves on Gila National Forest

Two endangered Mexican wolves have been removed from the wild and are undergoing testing to determine if they're behind a string of livestock deaths in southwestern New Mexico, marking the latest wrinkle in the strained effort to return the predators to the American Southwest.

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Xanterra continues sustainable initiatives at Grand Canyon

As Grand Canyon National Park focuses on sustainability in its centennial year, park concessioners have stepped up their environmental game to support the park’s iconic natural resources.

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Trump administration proposes lifting protections for gray wolves across 48 states

Recovery reconsidered?

U.S. wildlife officials plan to lift protections for gray wolves across the Lower 48 states, re-igniting the legal battle over a predator that’s running into conflicts with farmers and ranchers as its numbers rebound in some regions.

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Wind Cave hits 150 miles of known passages

Cave explorers from Colorado recently surveyed 594 feet in Wind Cave National Park, bringing the total length of surveyed passages to 150 miles.

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Radiation exposure in Grand Canyon under investigation

The National Park Service is conducting an investigation into whether employees and visitors at Grand Canyon National Park were exposed to unsafe levels of radiation.

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Permanent ban on uranium mining near Grand Canyon in the works

Calling a measure to permanently ban uranium mining near the Grand Canyon just and overdue, Rep. Raul Grijalva (D – Tucson) stood before a full house Feb. 23 at Grand Canyon to announce the Grand Canyon Centennial Protection Act.

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Extended North Rim season could pump $14.2 million into regional economy

Season of change?

According to a recently-released report, communities surrounding the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park could see an economic impact of about $14 million per year to the region if the national park extends its open season by four weeks.

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Environmentalists want Arizona squirrels’ habitat expanded

Arizona environmentalists say they have filed a notice of intent to sue and compel the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to expand critical habitat for Arizona’s highly endangered Mount Graham red squirrel.