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Grand Canyon Chamber touts local job opportunities with FAM tour

The Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce presented a job familiarization tour to representatives from across Arizona Nov. 17.

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Last survivors of Pearl Harbor attack to give final salute at USS Arizona

December 7, 1941; a morning just like any other at the U.S. Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

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Did You Know? State Highway 64 designated Bushmasters Memorial Highway in 1995

State Highway 64, from Williams to the Grand Canyon and east to Cameron, was officially designated as Bushmasters Memorial Highway in 1995.

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Winter is no joke: Gov. Ducey encourages northern Arizona drivers to 'Know Snow'

ADOT encourages visitors to travel prepared with warm clothing, extra water and blankets

One of the great things about Arizona winters is being able to savor a refreshingly mild morning in desert communities and then play in the snow that same afternoon.

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Native American dances honor tribal traditions

Passed down by elders for generations, the cultural dances, music and art of Native American tribes still resonate for their people.

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McBride, Fedarko wrap up 14-month journey through Grand Canyon

Pair set out last September to document threats against Arizona's natural wonder

Nearly 150 years after his death, author Charles Dickens sums it up nicely: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

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"Comrade, Commander:" Remembering Lillian T. Catti, Grand Canyon and Arizona's first American Legion female Post commander

It was meant to be the “War to end all wars.” As new lines were drawn and empires clashed across Europe, the United States stormed to the front lines in waves beginning in 1917.

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Experience regional Native culture at Grand Canyon's Native American Indian Heritage Fest Nov. 9

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, Grand Canyon National Park will host a Native American Indian Heritage Celebration with special presentations and demonstrations from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Shrine of the Ages.

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County officials hike to bottom of Grand Canyon to set up polls for Supai

Coconino County has sent officials down to the Havasupai Reservation for every major election since 1968

Matt Rudig stood on Havasupai Hilltop and looked down at the landscape of the Grand Canyon.

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Haunted Hotel guests treated to thrills and chills

The Best Western Premier Grand Canyon Squire Inn began what they hope to make an annual event in the future — Tusayan’s first Haunted Hotel.

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The art of solitude: One of Grand Canyon's last artists-in-residence spends a month on secluded North Rim

Lisa Gilley sets out to capture solitude of North Rim

There is a sign at the rim of the Grand Canyon that reads, simply, “One minute, don’t read, don’t talk, no photos, just look....and see.” That is why Lisa Gilley makes art

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Louie and Ann Wren-Serna recognized for contributions to Tusayan Fire District

The Tusayan Fire Department recently presented awards of recognition to Louie and Ann Wren-Serna for their contributions to the district over the past two decades.

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Evidence of cross-fostering success found among Mexican wolves

In their native habitat of the southwestern United States, the success of cross-fostered pups among the Mexican wolf population is being documented due to dedicated and collaborative efforts among several agencies and organizations, including the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD), the Chicago Zoological Society (CZS), the Endangered Wolf Center (EWC) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). The organizations are working together to reintroduce the species to its native habitat in the American Southwest and Mexico.

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Grand Canyon ghosts: The El Tovar Hotel's haunted history

The El Tovar Hotel sits perched atop a bluff just 20 feet from the South Rim. It was a pinnacle of luxury in the midst of an unforgiving wilderness when it opened in 1905, and has seen hundreds of thousands of visitors in the century since. Did some of them check in permanently?

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Women in business: ClayAnn Cook brings energy, charm to Big E’s

For nearly 50 years, ClayAnn Cook’s career trajectory has been defined by creativity, customer engagement, and a commitment to growth.

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History on display at fourth Grand Canyon History Symposium Nov. 4-6

Curators, historian and park employees past and present will arrive at the Grand Canyon for the Fourth annual Grand Canyon History Symposium.

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Court mandates new recovery plan for endangered Mexican wolf

An Arizona judge has approved a settlement agreement in a lawsuit filed by the Arizona Game and Fish Department and the Arizona Attorney General’s Office against the Department of the Interior and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for failing to develop a new recovery plan for the endangered Mexican wolf.

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Railway employees onboard for breast cancer awareness

Female conductors, PSAs, and other Grand Canyon Railway employees donned pink attire for the Oct. 14 train run. The women employees wore pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Submitted photo

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From motor inn to resort: Best Western Premier Grand Canyon Squire Inn gets resort-style upgrades

Hotel completes building project, adds community space and guest amenities

The Best Western Premier Grand Canyon Squire Inn recently announced the completion of its latest major addition, scheduled to open to the public this fall.

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Latino groups back national monument status for areas near Grand Canyon

Anakarina Rodriguez traveled from southern Arizona to Washington with a message for President Barack Obama: designate 1.7 million acres around the Grand Canyon as a national monument.

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Safely experiencing wildlife at Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon ranger explains risks of getting too close to park wildlife

Miles of the multi-colored canyon walls stretching as far as the eye can see are easily the most sought-after views at Grand Canyon National Park (GCNP), followed closely by sightings nearly as ubiquitous — wildlife.

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Annual Trunk or Treat kicks off holidays Oct. 31

Have a Harry Potter costume you can’t wait to show off? How about a crone, cow or a creative take on… anything?

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Grand Canyon tram proposal sparks ire, awe from Navajo Nation to Germany

As a child, Renae Yellowhorse chased birds through the sagebrush on the Navajo reservation along the edge of the Grand Canyon.

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Ultra-runner targeting record for 800-mile run on Arizona Trail

Michael Versteeg, ultra runner and Arizona native, aiming to set record for run

Running 800 miles may seem like insanity to some people, but Michael Versteeg knew he’d get around to trying it one day.

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Hanging out below the Rim: volunteers rappel over South Rim to clean up the Canyon

Arizona Mountaineering Club volunteers rappel into Grand Canyon to remove trash and debris

The Grand Canyon sees more than five million visitors per year — it also sees its fair share of litter and trash from those visitors.