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Tue, Jan. 21

Editorial: Let’s keep our dollars in the community by shopping here<br>

While it is not abnormal for business in Williams to slow down after the Labor Day weekend, it was shocking last week to learn that three local businesses have closed their doors. One business closing in Williams is one too many. Three businesses closing in less than one week’s time is devastating news to us.

One business is reportedly closing its doors due to a lack of business. Another business is closing so the owner could be closer to a spouse suffering from health problems. This business could have remained open; however, the owner was unable to hire adequate staffing. The third business has reportedly been sold and the signs are being removed from the building. It is unknown what type of business will replace this one.

Flagstaff is only 30 minutes away and many residents choose to shop there. The reasons for this vary. Some claim that Flagstaff offers more variety. Others say prices in Flagstaff are lower. Others support Flagstaff since they are already there for various reasons — dental and doctor’s appointments or they are employed there.

While we are grateful that Flagstaff is relatively close and has some amenities unavailable in Williams, doing business that can be done here in Flagstaff — or in any other community for that matter — is lethal to our local economy. Whenever we purchase items in another city we support that community through the taxes we pay there. We support their businesses by spending money we earn locally here in their communities. We are unknowingly killing our local businesses along with our community.

While prices may be somewhat lower in Flagstaff, it costs us money to get there — especially with the latest increases in the price of fuel. Less fuel would be used shopping locally. An added bonus is that while you are out shopping in a small community such as Williams, you’re guaranteed to run into someone you know, which may not happen while visiting other cities.

If you are shopping outside Williams because you believe more variety in merchandise and services are available in other communities, you may be incorrect in many instances. If a local retailer doesn’t have a product you want in stock, chances are that they are more than willing to order it for you. With today’s technology, many products can be obtained within a few days if not within 24 hours.

In return, our local business community supports area residents. They donate to local charities, offer merchandise as prizes during special events, sponsor our youth in many ways and provide employment opportunities. Let’s work together to keep our businesses’ doors open.

Next time you are about to make a purchase elsewhere, think again. When our businesses prosper, they generate revenue that remains in Williams, making our community a better place to be.

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