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Tue, Oct. 15

Editorial<br>Rules of thumb

Thumbs Up - The tourists are back! Increased visitation to our area is a win-win for us all. Let’s make sure tourists want to return again and again. If you see a tourist driving the wrong way down our one-way streets, don’t speed up, honk and make obscene gestures. Instead, politely flash your lights and stop. The tourist will quickly realize their mistake and correct the error. If you find a tourist looking confused, ask if you can help. Be ready and willing to provide accurate directions. Share your favorite northern Arizona things-to-do with the visitors. Tell them where you like to shop, eat and play. Treat our guests with the respect they deserve.

Thumbs Down - It’s too cold to be spring! The bright sunshine tricks us into going outside for a sunshine break. Once outside, it is sunny, but also cold and breezy. Please, Mother Nature, chase the chills of Old Man Winter away. We are ready to head outside to play!

Thumbs Up - The Williams Unified School District’s Reconfiguration Plan sounds like a step in the right direction. More electives including art, physical education, music and technology will be offered at the elementary school-age level. The seventh and eighth grade students will relocate to the Williams High School campus where they will have the opportunity to take advantage of vocational education classes. All grades preschool through 12 will be provided with the opportunity to learn important subjects such as reading and math on an increased extended and structured level. Administrators are calling the plan student-centered. It is our hope that this plan works and our students reap the benefits of a high quality education. When it comes to our children, we must always aim high. Accepting anything less is unacceptable.

Thumbs Down - Whatever happened to customer service? “That’s not my department” has become a phrase heard all too often these days everywhere from the grocery store, to the mall, even to some mom and pop operations, to schools and government agencies. One of the worst feelings in the world comes from knowing that no one will try to help. Your business or service exists because of your customers. If your customers choose to shop elsewhere, they are no longer part of your business.

Take a few moments to say thanks to your customers. If your customers have complaints, listen and thank them for bringing whatever is on their mind to your attention. You don’t have to change anything; just listen. If you don’t know the answer to a question or concern, take the time to research the matter. Yes, “that’s not my department” will get you away from a customer you may or may not care about — at least for the moment. Remember that eventually, “that’s not my department” line may send you to another line — the unemployment line.

Thumbs Up - We are proud to announce that the city of Williams has selected a new city clerk. Caroline Smith of Williams has agreed to fill the position. Ms. Smith’s first day at city hall is April 18. She was formerly employed by the Grand Canyon Railway. Be sure to stop by and wish her well as she begins this important position.

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