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Tue, Oct. 22

New exhibit for local youth
Kolb exhibit to be held through March

<b>Courtesy Grand Canyon Association</b>
Pictured above is an image from the seventh annual Art for Our Park program, featuring artwork entitled 'Fire on the Lake.'

<b>Courtesy Grand Canyon Association</b> Pictured above is an image from the seventh annual Art for Our Park program, featuring artwork entitled 'Fire on the Lake.'

GRAND CANYON, Ariz. - Artwork produced by students from Grand Canyon School, as well as Leupp schools, will be on public display throughout the month of March at the Grand Canyon's historic Kolb Studio. The student exhibit will be on display Sunday and end March 28. Kolb Studio is located in the South Rim Village. The show is sponsored by the Grand Canyon Association and the Grand Canyon National Park and marks the seventh year for the popular event.

Grand Canyon Unified School District Superintendent Sharyl Allen said the program was being provided by a number of area organizations.

"It's sponsored by the Grand Canyon Association, Grand Canyon National Park, our school district and Leupp Schools, Inc.," Allen said. "Grand Canyon School students will be the ones providing the reception refreshments."

She said that a number of Grand Canyon-area businesses have helped support this year's exhibit.

"I had eight different businesses respond with cash and prizes to recognize the student achievement. I think it's fantastic. The businesses themselves will have donated over $1,000 to support this," Allen said, adding that the show will allow visitors to Kolb Studio a chance to view a wide variety of student art.

"The mediums are quite diverse this year. We've got more than just the pen and ink, or the chalk and paper; there's some sculpturing pieces that are in the show, as well as one or two tapestry pieces, so it's got quite a diverse element to it this year that I think people will find intriguing," Allen said.

This year's theme is entitled "The Elements of Home," featuring five elements: water, earth, fire, air and ideas. Students in Kindergarten through 12th grade were invited to participate in the event by producing one work of original art. In a unique juried setting, artwork for the display will be chosen by professional artists and arts administrators. Prizes will also be awarded to select students, from Leupp and Grand Canyon Schools, during an opening reception scheduled for March 1 from 6-7:30 p.m. The reception is open to the public.

Allen said different themes are chosen each year for the exhibit.

"This year's theme is the elements of home. Each year the students are given a theme which to design their own piece of work. Then it gets judged. The judges met, I think, the first week of February and did the judging of the pieces and how students communicated what that means to them," Allen said. "The piece that was selected to be on the poster this year was 'Fire on the Lake,' that's the title, and was by a tenth-grade student at the Grand Canyon. That's one of the things that happens each year is that a student piece will get selected to go on posters. The posters are available for sale for $10 per poster."

Allen applauded the Arts for the Park program for what it does for young students at the Grand Canyon.

"It's important to note, as folks look to support either through posters or businesses that make such tremendous contributions, is that the proceeds go into funding student scholarships and supporting the program for continuing years. When you look at the proceeds from poster sales for example, those proceeds will actually go in to support scholarships for students that are interested in pursuing the arts post secondary. It's really an impressive program here at the Canyon," Allen said.

The program, she added, allows students an opportunity to show another side of themselves.

"I think it give people the opportunity to see lots of sides of kids, whether it's the visitors to the park or it's our local community members that take the time to go through these different shows that Kolb Studio produces. Imagine a kindergarteners who loves drawing, or painting, creating, to be able to look at this and say, 'This was my Kindergarten piece that hung at Kolb Studio.' It helps create that vision and helps make those dreams more real for kids," Allen said.

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