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Thu, Oct. 17

Sour high above the summer clouds for the view of a lifetime

An air tour can be one of the most exciting ways to experience the Canyon.

An air tour can be one of the most exciting ways to experience the Canyon.

Trade the crowds for the clouds with one of Grand Canyon's premier experiences - a spectacular view from above.

From the air is one of three recommended vantage points (the other two are on foot and on the river) to really experience this world wonder. And since the air tour industry was born here more than 70 years ago, technology has continued to enhance the experience providing a state of the art ride, along with the finest sound system available to deliver narratives in many languages.

In addition to Grand Canyon flights, tour companies offer day and overnight excursions to other regional attractions like Lake Powell and Monument Valley.

Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines

Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines (GCSA) can take visitors exactly where they want to go and when they want to go there! In continuous operation since 1927, Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines pioneered air tours at Grand Canyon and has flown millions of passengers for close to eighty years. GCSA is credited with providing the first commercial air tours and charters over Monument Valley, and much more. GCSA offers Canyon airplane tours and activities to make for a complete Grand Canyon experience.

Sharing the Canyon with you, GCSA recognizes their responsibility to do it in the safest and least intrusive way possible, aboard their exclusive ultra-quiet fleet of Vistaliner® aircraft. GCSA has extensive experience in customizing charters and handling extremely challenging logistical itineraries. They specialize in organizing special charters for VIP incentive groups, corporation reward programs, and destination management companies.

For more information or reservations, call 928-638-2359 or toll free 866-235-9422 or visit any time.

Grand Canyon Helicopters

Grand Canyon Helicopters (GCH) keeps the tradition of helicopter expeditions alive today, presenting the Grand Canyon to the millions of visitors who tour the southwest each year. Take wing on the quietest and most state-of-the-art helicopter, visitors will look down at the Canyon, see places not seen on foot, and then realize why no natural wonder of the world should be ignored.

GCH offers tours aboard the Eco-Star helicopter, which feature the largest windows in the industry. The 180° of unobstructed views of the Eco-Star gives guests the feeling of owning the sky, and the enlarged and air conditioned cabins provide an extra touch of comfort to your privileged position looking down at the hallowed Canyon. Priding itself on comfort and safety, GCH equips itself with the highest standard of helicopter and the most qualified "top flight" pilot. Climb aboard for a whirl.

Call 928-638-2764 or toll free 800-541-4537 or visit special online offers.

Papillon Helicopters

Since 1965, Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters has been providing visitors a privileged perspective to one of the world's greatest natural wonders. Papillon is the only company that flies the entire Grand Canyon, including areas untouched by man and inaccessible by foot. As the world's oldest and largest sightseeing company, Papillon flies an estimated 600,000 passengers a year on its daily tours to the Grand Canyon and the surrounding southwest.

Whether by helicopter, plane, or coach, Papillon offers over 40 unique excursions. Recognized world wide for its aircraft tours, Papillon's fleet of 48 helicopters gives guests a bird's eye view all their own. For its continued commitment to superior quality, hospitality, and service, Papillon is a two time winner of the prestigious Five Star Diamond Award from the Academy of Hospitality Sciences.

For more information or reservations, call 928-638-2419 or toll free 800-528-2418 or visit you can make reservations and learn about their BestRATE guarantee.

Maverick Helicopters

With extensive experience in the VIP market and a relationship with some of the top players in the tourism and hospitality industry, Maverick Helicopters can take a memorable experience to the next level. Luxurious ECO-STAR helicopters with forward-facing theater-style seating and huge wraparound windows provide nature's most spectacular landscape.

Maverick also offers a multi-cam recording of your flight, which allows passengers to relive and share the experience on DVD as an optional purchase.

Canyon Dancer Tour: This half-hour flight provides a birds-eye view of the Canyon. See the mighty Colorado River and some of the oldest exposed rock on the planet as you soar over lofty buttes and spires.

Canyon Spirit Tour: Take a flight of 45 minutes to the eastern Grand Canyon and beyond, with views of Marble Canyon, Navajo Country, the Painted Desert and Kaibab National Forest.

Maverick also operates tours from Las Vegas.

Call 888-261-4414 or visit for online reservations.

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